Tiny Finger Point ☯fact: I am trash☯

ncrissa said: are you going to homecoming this year? If so what are you wearing bc you always wear the cutest dresses

i think i’m wearing this one!! i’m gonna probably only go for like 45 minutes doe

i’m so upset my parents say they trust me and then repeatedly do things in way as if they don’t trust me???

"we think you’re a great, responsible kid!"
"cool! thank you! can i have some friends over after homecoming?"
"no, we don’t know any of your friends"
"ok…. can i have then a couple friends over that you can meet before hand, like after a football game?"
"lol no. but you can go out in unsafe environments, we’re fine with that!"

Never been so frustrated in my life

Anonymous said: Oh god, no! You're much too beautiful for that comparison

thank u very much b :*

i was high in math today and i literally thought it was the most amazing thing that when you add a digit to ten it becomes 1 and that digit i literally thought THAT was mindblowing wtf

Anonymous said: Now does it make sense why I thought of that song? :P

yes hahahahahahahahah I was like wait do they mean I look these people?? I was slightly concerned